Michael Cera's Look - The Female Version

Michael Cera is adorable. I think he's one of those guys who have that nerdy but cool look to them and it shows in his style.

Maria Trench - $69.50 from Delias

Long Length Ribbed Tank - $3.50 from Forever 21

Show Stopper Skinny Jean-Short - $24.50 from Charlotte Russe

Crinkle Criss-Cross Platform - $15.80 from Go Jane


Gigi Faux Leather Tote - $19.80 from Forever 21

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3 Response to "Michael Cera's Look - The Female Version"

  1. I think Cera also appeared in a staged comedy video that shows him being fired from the lead role of the film Knocked Up after belittling and arguing with the director, in a scene that mocks the David O. Russell blow up on the set of I Heart Huckabees

    Ha, I'm so sorry, but a guy on this picture really makes me laugh!! He is a little bit nerdy looks )))

    Brandon says:

    this is a funny idea for a fashion website. I love it... but come on, you could have tried a little bit harder matching Michael Cera's sweater! Anyway, thanks for putting the time in to educate and entertain us!

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